As a leading global provider of complete wind power solutions, Goldwind has always been striving to use our own professional advantages to solve the energy and environmental problems facing society. By contributing products and services related to clean energy infrastructure, we have created an endless stream of clean energy for the communities we serve. In this way, we do our own small part to mitigate global resource shortages and combat climate change. In our decisions and management processes, we always consider the effects of our actions on employees, customers, suppliers, and the community. We do our best to protect the interests of our stakeholders and lay a foundation for future development. By minimizing negative effects on stakeholders and striving to maximize their long-term benefits, we hope to continuously grow together.

Environmental Protection

Goldwind's work in wind power generation is closely related to environmental protection, so it is natural for us to have a strong sense of CSR and make substantial efforts to fulfill our responsibilities. Our company plays the full role of the new energy industry in improving energy structure and helping construct an ecological civilization. As of the end of 2020, Goldwind had a global installed capacity of over 73 GW. This is equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions by 149.44 million tons each year or replanting 81.66 million cubic meters of forest.

In our own production and operation processes, we have established a sound environmental management system to strictly control the company's energy consumption and emissions. We do our best to use renewable energy and reduce waste and emissions. We are committed to green production and operation practices to reduce the environmental impact of our wind turbines throughout their lifecycle.

  • Equivalent annual reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Equivalent annual reforestation

Giving Back

As a company engaged in clean energy, energy efficiency, and environmental protection, and while seeking to make a profit and benefit our stockholders, we also recognize our responsibilities to the community. Since 2016, we launched our "Wind for Future" charity initiative and have organized events in 20 provinces and municipalities throughout China, benefiting over 81,000 rural students, teachers, and the elderly of ten minority ethnic groups.

  • Assisting Education
    Teacher training programs in poor rural areas.
    Facility donations and support activities for rural primary and secondary schools.
    Science and technology competitions for college and university students.
    Training and employment programs for young people or those looking to transition into the wind industry.
  • Precision Poverty Alleviation Programs
    Rural industrial development to alleviate poverty.
    Cultural and heath programs to reduce poverty in underprivileged regions.
    East-West cooperation for poverty alleviation.
    Special disaster relief projects.
  • Happy and Healthy Communities
    Wind power-themed summer camps for young people.
    Elderly assistance programs in regions around wind farms.
    Group procurement projects for public welfare.
    "Buddy" programs for underprivileged families.
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Sustainability Report

Our company's Sustainability Report is an important tool for communicating with stakeholders. The report aims to give an honest record of the company's Sustainability philosophy, specific actions, and performance. This system allows us to respond to Sustainability issues that concern us all. "There is an essential difference between a good company and a great one: A good company will continue to develop good technologies and products and provide benefits and value to its customers, but a great company, in addition, will strive to make the world around it better."

Goldwind Commitment

Goldwind is an independent multinational business organization with more than 8,900 employees worldwide. As a company, we approach our projects, products, service, the environment, local communities, and most importantly, the people working for and with the company with the utmost integrity.

It is Goldwind’s core belief that people are the cornerstone of our business. Goldwind is committed to the safe, ethical, and responsible manufacturing of its products and strictly abides by the laws and regulations of the countries and regions where it operates -- in China and internationally. Furthermore, we pursue equal employment opportunities, focus on diversity and inclusion, respect the religious and political beliefs of every employee, and fairly treat employees of different races, colors, nationalities, genders, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds. Goldwind strictly prohibits any form of child or forced labor. The Company has an established recruitment management system to standardize the recruitment process, ensuring that staff employment is conducted in compliance with applicable laws.

In addition, compliance and sustainability of our supply chain is of utmost importance to Goldwind. As part of the Company’s supply chain management, Goldwind requires its suppliers to comply with applicable laws and policies. Our Code of Conduct for suppliers, requires compliance with regulations regarding environmental protection, labor rights, health and safety, and business ethics. Goldwind’s Administrative Measures for Qualified Suppliers of Wind Turbine Components incorporates compliance with environmental regulations, safe production, and occupational health management into supplier evaluation standards.

To learn more about Goldwind’s corporate governance, we invite you to download the Commitment Letter and annual Corporate Sustainability Report.