Cultural Activities

Goldwind Summer Training Program for Village Teachers

On August 6, 2019, the fourth summer camp of Goldwind “Fengrun China” for village teachers started in Beijing. 40 teachers from three ethnic groups in 12 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) participated. The ten-day program offered education policies and skills, traditional culture, child psychology and other professional courses. In addition to classroom teaching, it organized the visit to companies and universities, cultural appreciation and other interesting activities. Participants not only broadened their horizon and enhanced skills, but also deepened friendship and exchanged teaching experience.

Hou Yuhan, Goldwind Marketing Director, welcomed them to Goldwind and hoped that they could benefit from the training and bring the knowledge and skills back to share with more people.

Visiting Goldwind and learning about China’s wind power development

It has been the fourth year since Goldwind initiated the “Fengrun China” summer program for village teachers in 2016. It aims to promote the tradition of respecting teachers and education and joint growth of teachers and students by focusing on the village teachers and improving their teaching skills. After four years, the course design has also become more scientific and efficient. Until now, 147 excellent teachers have attended the courses.

Play table tennis with Zhu Fang, World Youth Champion

The summer program is critical to Goldwind’s endeavor to achieve leapfrog development of education in remote areas and its long-term support for rural education. The “Fengrun China” series charity activities have benefited over 20 provinces, 10 ethnic groups, 780 teachers and 41,000 students in the countryside.

Experience Goldwind culture - morning exercise

Knowledge changes the future; education passes on the hope. With these programs, Goldwind hopes to make its contribution to the rural education and even the revitalization of countryside.