Goldwind Carbon Neutral

Towards an Economically Zero-Carbon Future

Goldwind provides zero-carbon solutions for new power systems, optimizing and rebuilding the energy links between the power source, grid, load and storage by integrating clean energy and digitalization, resulting in a smarter, more reliable, affordable, and sustainable Internet of Energy (IoE).

Goldwind Carbon Neutral

Distributed wind farms Distributed PV power station Electricity storage Pumped storage hydropower Energy supply side New energy supply to reduce carbon emissions Maximize the consumption of renewable energy in the park, increasing green power consumption by more than power supply Zero carbon Energy management Carbon emissions management α energy aggregation platform Energy consumption side Energy saving and emission reduction Trading side Energy trading to reduce carbon emissions Reduce Energy consumption by energy efficiency improvement and energy conservation across industries Energy-saving ecology Green electricity trading Increase the proportion of green power consumption through green electricity trading Carbon emissions trading Emissions Trading/ CCER trading helps realize "carbon neutrality"
Connected load
1,300+ MW
Green electricity sold
68+ TWh
Zero carbon project implemented

Smart City Zero-carbon Solution

The Goldwind DEEP™ smart energy digital platform is our innovative approach to building zero-carbon cities. The program provides municipalities and industry with energy and zero-carbon planning consultancy, development and implementation for infrastructure and industrial applications. When adopted as an element of the infrastructure of a city, Goldwind DEEP™ enables clean energy to flow freely in zero-carbon cities further driving a renewable future.

Consultation of regional energy planning
Zero carbon city planning and design
Regional clean energy resources development and cooperation
Zero carbon project implementation

Smart City Construction in Anyang, Henan

In Anyang, Henan, Goldwind is making green power available in zero-carbon buildings, factories, and infrastructure, aiming to drive a renewable future for the 5.57 million Anyang citizens.

Zero-carbon Smart Park Solution

To realize a zero-carbon economic system and sustainable operation of industrial parks, it is necessary to provide economical and reliable energy utilization solutions. Based on Goldwind DEEP™ smart energy digital platform and a smart energy and carbon-integrated management system, Goldwind helps industrial companies and organizations enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve profitability while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Zero-carbon energy planning in the industrial park
Development of an ecosystem for energy saving in the industrial park
Carbon monitoring and carbon emissions trading
Green electricity trading

Industrial Zero-carbon Solutions

Each industry has a level of energy consumption that can be addressed to reduce overall carbon emissions. With Goldwind’s extensive experience in the energy industry, we can provide customized products, services, and solutions to serve your company or industry’s diversified needs. The Goldwind DEEP solution can deliver long-term, socially responsible energy solutions while continuing to promote carbon neutrality.