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Goldwind took the opportunity of China’s reform and opening up to explore global wind power market.
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Starting Up

After years of exploration, Goldwind began the research and development on wind turbine manufacturing technologies, heralding a new era for China’s wind turbines manufacturing.
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Taking Off

Goldwind entered a new stage of rapid development. During this period, major breakthroughs were made in terms of technology and product transformation, construction of the entire industrial chain, capital operation, marketization of the talent team, and expansion in the international market, achieving the goal of going national.
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Taking product quality as the lifeline of enterprise development, Goldwind increased investment in research and development, improved quality, streamlined cost control, enhanced overall problem solving abilities, exploited international markets and restructured the management. All these factors, led to boosting its comprehensive competitive strength, and enable Goldwind maintain a leading position in terms of technology and on the market.
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Starting from a single business, Goldwind developed itself into a multi-business entity, and adopted the “strategy targeting both offshore wind power and overseas market”. This brought it one step closer to the goal of internationalization.