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Clean energy engineering construction and management solution

Achieving comprehensive control of the project construction process

Taking advantage of the leading edge of 3D digital design of clean energy engineering, Goldwind Service actively strengthens the research and investment in digital technology applications, continues to promote advanced and digital upgrading of clean energy engineering, connecst the business interface with project data in the links of consulting, design, construction, and O&M. Meanwhile Goldwind explore the use of modules and AI automation to achieve fast and accurate design.

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Overall solution for clean energy EPC

Relying on the advantages of the whole industry chain as well as the professional, standardized and normalized engineering construction capabilities, Goldwind Service combines years of experience in wind farm construction, product chain resources, providing integrated full-lifecycle solutions on clean energy EPC. The solution is customized to meet the comprehensive needs of customers in all aspects of a project from co-funding and cooperation, financial services, design technology, engineering procurement, engineering construction to asset trading. Thus we can improve the efficiency and reliability of all links of project construction and achieve the best LCOE throughout the lifecycle of the wind farm.

Customized solution

Precise delivery

Digital platform


Steel-concrete tower integrated solution

By means of steel-concrete tower design, production, lifting and delivery as well as customized project solution and integrated assessment platforms, Goldwind Service provides competitive ultra-high and large base steel-concrete towers, utilizing localized manufacturing and engineering solutions in the world’s top wind markets.

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product delivery

production layout

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Overall solution for offshore wind power engineering

Goldwind carries out rapid customized design and implementation of offshore engineering projects to reduce the project design and delivery cycle. At the same time, our team looks for the optimal solution from the perspective of the overall supporting structure to provide the best design plan for the owner. At present, Goldwind’s offshore wind power engineering has obtained the DNV GL’s feasibility declaration and conformity statement, – underscoring the reliability of Goldwind’s methods.

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