Planning and Design System

A more professional clean energy planning and design tool that offers a comprehensive cost optimization perspective

Goldwind DEEP™ Design is a new digital multi-dimensional world of clean energy station planning and design created by Goldwind based on clean energy big data. You can implement innovative design and economic evaluation of clean energy stations more intuitively and efficiently to maximize your profit from invested projects.

Overall IRR increased by more than
0.5 %
Overall IRR increased by more than
5 %
Design efficiency improved by more than
10 %

With an industrial experience of over 20 years, Goldwind understands the complexity and key elements of the design and planning of clean energy stations. We have accordingly reproduced these operations in the digital world and provided a wealth of tools and models to simplify planning and designing clean energy stations while laying a solid foundation for the economic benefits of the project's life cycle.

Rapid investment estimation
One-key feasibility report generation
Efficient design collaboration
3D integrated design
Integrated design tool