Goldwind Service

Clean energy planning and design solutions

More experienced clean energy planning and design services A perspective of comprehensive cost optimization

Goldwind Service’s digital platforms and tools combine extensive wind energy, meteorological, and geographic information data to assist in the wind power project planning, feasibility studies, technical due diligence, and integrated solutions for source-grid-load-storage. Our digital capabilities enable customers to scientifically formulate project construction plans and optimize configurations to improve project benefits and efficiently advance pre-construction work.

All investment IRR increased by more than
0.5 %
Solution cost reduced by more than
5 %
Designed efficiency improved by
10 %

Sophisticated wind measurement and resource assessment

Goldwind's sophisticated wind measurement service covers multiple project stages such as regional planning, wind speed measurement, risk area verification, representative verification, and wind measurement remediation. Through data evaluation our team can identify advantageous resource areas -- meeting the demands for more, faster, better and cost-saving wind power locations. Through the measurement solution we provide data inputs for resource assessment, realizing accurate control of cost per kilowatt and the rate of return in the era of parity.

Macro-siting for wind and solar resources

High-precision wind and solar resource data

Intelligent recommendation and layout algorithms

Detailed restrictive factors

Unit selection optimization and micro-siting

In line with the principles of accurate location, flexible processing, and efficient design of wind farm geospatial data, Goldwind Service brings together experts in CFD, GIS, WRF, mathematics and other sectors, integrating a number of innovative technologies. Goldwind’s independently developed "Fengjiang" – a wind resource assessment and calculation cloud platform matches the optimal unit and tower selection with the best location selection and site layout plan, allowing project developers to efficiently utilize land resources, and optimize project cost and power generation capacity.

Rich experience in project siting

Highly accurate data input

Effective improvement of production capacity

Survey and engineering design

Goldwind's solution of multi-scale geographic information survey can effectively realize the sophisticated digital planning and design of wind farms that combines 2D & 3D, providing surveying and mapping of various terrain conditions and the site area, as well as modeling of a 3D digital wind farm. Through integrated design of tower foundations, road adaptability design, and integrated design and delivery of pre-installed transformer substations, Goldwind finds the key links between cost reduction and efficiency improvement of wind farms to realize the optimal design and the best LCOE in the whole system.

3D reality modeling restoration

One-button export of design results