Goldwind is a global leader of clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection. We are committed to promoting energy transformation to attain access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all, and to drive a renewable future. Specializing in wind power, internet of energy and environmental protection, we leverage strong scientific research innovation and best business practices to take renewable energy utilization efficiency to new heights. As an SZSE and HKEX listed company, we have repeatedly been selected as “Corporate Climate Leader”, “Most Respected Company in Asia”, and “Best Investor Relations Company”, and awarded “Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World”, “Carbon Clean 200”, “Top 500 Global New Energy Companies”, “New Fortune Best Listed Companies”, “Fortune Top 500 Chinese Companies” and other honors on influential rankings.

Since we started our business, we have witnessed and experienced the growth and prosperity of China’s renewable energy industry and established our presence in the global market with comprehensive and in-depth internationalization capabilities. Goldwind’s business network covers 29 countries across six continents, with eight R&D centers worldwide that constitute the key drivers of our success and leading position in cutting-edge technology and development. We have about 9,000 employees worldwide, including nearly 3,000 research and development (R&D) and technical personnel. With eight overseas regional centers in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, Middle East and North Africa, and the Russian-speaking part of Central Asia, we have fully realized the internationalization of capital, market, technology, talents and management.

So far, we have delivered over 40,000 wind turbines all over the world with a global cumulative installed capacity exceeding 73GW and an operations and maintenance (O&M) service capacity exceeding 47GW. To promote global energy transformation, Goldwind has thoroughly integrated renewable energy and digital technology. We are actively building zero-carbon solutions for new power system, and optimizing and reconstructing source-grid-storage-load to create an innovative energy asset management model, so we can fully contribute to "carbon neutrality” through a smarter Internet of Energy. In the field of water treatment and environmental protection, Goldwind focuses on the investment and development, construction and operation, and technological innovation of water assets. Our scope of business covers municipal water supply, municipal/industrial sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse, etc. In addition, we play a role in solid waste disposal and sludge treatment among other fields. As of the end of 2020, our subsidiary Goldwind EP has invested and run 55 water projects in total, with a water treatment capacity exceeding 3.3 million tons per day, benefiting more than 10 million people across 13 provinces.

  • Global installed wind power capacity:
  • Globally installed wind turbines:
  • Business network:
    29countriesacross 6continents
  • Global facilities:
    8overseas regional centers
  • Global facilities:
    8major R&D centers
  • Global employees:

Today, Goldwind’s globally installed WTGs are helping mankind save 45.53 million tons of standard coal, reduce 149.44 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and reforest an area of 81.66 million cubic meters each year. Since our establishment 23 years ago, we have stayed true to our original aspirations and continue to fulfill our mission of "Innovating for a Brighter Tomorrow”.

  • Save standard coal:
    45.53million tons
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions:
    149.44million tons
  • Reforest each year:
    81.66million cubic meters