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Comprehensive Solutions for Clean Energy Development

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Goldwind develops comprehensive solutions for clean energy development through Goldwind EOD+Energy and support urban planners and managers as they lay the energy foundation for a better and sustainable society in the future. Goldwind also supports cities and enterprises in an effort to achieve sustainable development of the economy, ecosystem and social responsibility.

Plan for a sustainable and cleaner future

Goldwind is dedicated to the coordinated development of industrial clean energy and carbon neutrality

Master plan for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality in the area

Prepare Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory based on social and economic development, including historical greenhouse gas emissions, to determine carbon emission trends and understand carbon emissions and sink resources;

Simulate area carbon peaking and estimate peaking values to identify key sections with the greatest carbon reduction potential and set goals for carbon neutrality;

Evaluate the resource availability for the area’s renewable energy development and utilization, and set forth targeted implementation methods, plans, and supporting measures for carbon reduction;

Energy planning and energy-industry coordinated development planning

Build and develop the grid based on load and energy demand, make intensive use of energy resources, optimize energy structure, and make rational development plans.

Coordinate and Optimize the energy supply structure and industrial consumption structure, and provide planning services based on the coordinated development of area energy and industry, to enable the rational arrangement and promote the green transformation and development of industries.

Development planning of a clean energy base

Development planning of a clean energy base

Considering environmental protection and sustainable development as prerequisites, we give full play to the strength of various energy combinations mix and promote the development of various energy resources in an orderly manner based on local and trans-area demands, aiming for intensive and efficient development and utilization of resources.

Provide consultation services regarding development planning and construction program of multi-energy complementary base and clean energy base (wind-solar-water-thermal-storage and wind-solar-storage) to promote the efficient utilization of renewable energy resources and coordinated and high-quality development of traditional energy.

A reliable partner for clean energy asset investment

Clean energy asset investment and cooperation

Investment solutions for wind and solar farms

Rooted in conservation and environmental protection, promote the construction of wind and solar power stations through green consumption and green supply chains.

Investment solution for source-grid-load-storage integration

Goldwind collaborates with resource, finance, and service partners to provide quality and integrated new energy solutions for source-grid-load-storage integration at the country, county, city, and park levels.

Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Development of clean energy innovative utilization project

GEC (Goldwind Green Energy Chemicals) Realizes the low-carbon green transformation of the energy & chemical industry.

We are committed to deliver the carbon free total solution to energy and chemical industry.
Our first world scale green chemical complex in Inner Mongolia is on its way.
By converting wind and other renewables to green chemical and fuels, we will help partners get closer to 0 emission.

Leading renewable energy technology and innovative chemical solution

Integrates renewable energy power generation, hydrogen energy and chemical technology, integrates design, EPC and O&M to form an overall solution of renewable energy chemical industry, and help the deep low-carbon transformation of industry.

System Integration Energy Storage/Battery Renewable Smart Grid Hydrogen Production Renewable Smart Grid As the core driving factor of overall energy and industrial low-carbon transformation, power balance technology affects the technical economy of transformation 500+ Parks Hydrogen Energy Storage / Cells In the potential direction of energy storage, fuel cell vehicles are an effective complement to electric cars 1,000,000+ 100,000,000+ Nm³/year Electrolysis of Water to Hydrogen 1 Billion m³ per annual green hydrogen production capacity and development across North East China Hydrogen Production System As the core of hydrogen production by electrolytic water, the equipment greatly affects the economy of Green Hydrogen Green Ammonia / Hydrocarbon / Alcohol... Hydrogen-related chemical products are widely used and in great demand. Some fields have been seeking low-carbon transformation to initially reflect economy. 1,000,000+ Tons 1,000+ Nm³/h Chemicals Smelting Fuel Fossilization

Demonstration/pilot project solution

Demonstration project of renewable energy substitution of Alkali Branch of CNSG Jilantai Salt Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd.

Effectively handle issues including limited production and expansion while greatly reducing production and operation costs to enable low-carbon development.

Longfeng Lake 200MW Wind-power Hydrogen Production Demonstration Project at Changling County, Jilin, China

Develop wind power in areas with limited power consumption and transmission, overcome production capacity limit and shortage of green hydrogen and ammonia to fully enable the technology of hydrogen production by wind power