Smart operation application management system

A smarter energy operation management platform to deal with challenges of clean energy business

Goldwind believes that in clean energy asset management, accurate and comprehensive analysis and prediction, correlation research of related factors, and timely reports are more important than just collecting data. As a result, we build the Goldwind DEEP™ SOAM system. Through our in-depth understanding of clean energy business scenarios, we have established a safe, efficient, experiential, and green smart power plant ecosystem with our business partners to help them adapt to the digital transformation and development in the parity era and comprehensively enhance their operation in the new energy industry in terms of business model, technology upgrading and management improvement.

Help enterprises calmly deal with challenges in asset operation

Parity era Reduction of power cost Change of mechanism Market-oriented transaction of electricity Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality Rapid assets development Lean cost control Reduction of visible O&M cost Reduction of unpredictable cost …… Income and expected risk of power generation Confusion of multi-source heterogeneous data …… Controllable income risk Scale management Improvement of equipment and personnel efficiency Management of cost and decision-making risk ……

Build a smart business-oriented operation center to help you gain five key business capabilities

Reduce performance loss by 5 % Reduce shutdown loss by 7 % Reduce spare parts cost by 45 % Improve maintenance window by 55 % Reduce labor costs by 40 % Reduce power loss by 20 % Reduce assessment risk by 80 % Increase transaction price by 15 % Improve operation efficiency by 35 % Improve management efficiency by 30 % Complex data access and calculation Business modeling and intelligent decision-making Real-time monitoring of large-scale equipment health Active predictive intelligent maintenance plan Intelligent management of business process Intelligent arrangement optimization decision High-precision concentrated power prediction High-precision spot price market forecast Refined power loss tracking Real-time KPI management system Data fusion and governance Asset risk control Intelligent production center Production and transaction forecast Performance management system Deep data driver Stable risk resistance of assets Efficient production organization Keen market grasp Overall asset control