Wind resource evaluation system

A more accurate and efficient assessment system that allows you to make investment decisions first

Goldwind DEEP™ Assessment is a mature landscape resource assessment system based on Goldwind's rich experience in clean energy. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Goldwind has long been developing clean energy power plants worldwide. Based on the data of over 105GW of clean energy assets gained from completed projects, we continuously verify the accuracy of our methods and models used in new wind farm development.

In the “parity era”, we have developed a cloud platform for ecological chain resource assessment. This digital platform integrating CFD, WRF, GIS, and algorithms, adopts Goldwind’s self-developed simulation kernel at its underlying layer, adaptive grid generation technology, and wake structure in actuator disk models to pursue higher performance and support the lean investment in clean energy farms in the parity era.

Data from 5,000 anemometer towers helps ensure rapid resource positioning
An intelligent digital wind measurement system enables the easy generation of programs
A more accurate flow field simulation model helps improve assessment accuracy
Three-dimensional integrated tools enable convenient and automatic arrangement design
Exclusive supercomputing nodes + independent development model + unlimited improvement possibilities

Provide answers to the following questions efficiently

Initiation of project

  • Where is the resource development carried out?
  • What is the development capacity based on existing resources?
  • Are there any restrictions in the area?


  • What measurement plans can provide the best input for the assessment?
  • How can we separate the wheat from the chaff to obtain actual results?


  • What is the comparison standard for plans?
  • What is the turbine model, and how high will the tower be designed?
  • How can we achieve the highest rate of return?


  • What is the arrangement for design?
  • How can we balance the site constraints, unit wake, load adaptability, and optimal power generation?


  • How to identify the problem if the power generation is less than expected?
  • What is the best plan for technical improvement? How much potential is there in the power farm?