Goldwind Energy

Clean Energy Development and Management For a Brighter Tomorrow

Clean Energy Development and ManagementFor a Brighter Tomorrow

With more than 20 years of experience in wind power and intelligent big data analysis of the energy sector, Goldwind is committed to developing wind power and other clean energy resources that are highly localized. We can optimize the area’s energy mix and support "carbon neutrality" goals through strategic localization. Meanwhile, Goldwind provides comprehensive clean energy management expertise, combined with insights into the commercial and financial aspects of the power system. This enables us to provide energy asset management services that are efficient and safe.

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Comprehensive Solutions for Clean Energy Resource Development

Discover the Green Power of City

We develop comprehensive solutions for clean energy development through Goldwind EOD + Energy and sourcing support for urban planners and managers as they lay the energy foundation for a better and sustainable society in the future. Goldwind also support cities and enterprises in an effort to achieve sustainable development of the economy, ecology and social responsibility.