Engineering management system

A more pragmatic energy engineering management platform based on years of practice in engineering

Over the years, Goldwind has drawn insights from hundreds of successful cases of informatization transformation in clean energy engineering projects and employed informatization methods to control energy infrastructure projects for development enterprises. In the meantime, we propose enterprise-level (multi-project) and project-level standardized engineering project management solutions that can be flexibly combined, optimized, copied, and customized. Goldwind DEEP™ Project is an integrated and full-cycle clean energy engineering project management and control information system platform. The platform can provide powerful tools for developing enterprises to manage projects, thus reducing construction time by 20%, improving collaborative efficiency by 50%, and increasing resource utilization by 80%.


Automatic push of tasks and performance promotion


Tools for multi-party and efficient collaboration


Lower cost for communication management, with synchronized and transparent information

Task management

  • Standard work
  • Automatic activation
  • Process tracking

Plan management

  • Plan template
  • Modular assembly
  • Comprehensive analysis

Supervision performance

  • Supervision initiation
  • Supervision kanban
  • Resource load

Document management

  • One-key filing
  • Intelligent contract
  • Automatic collection

Problem management

  • Problem tracking
  • Problem handling
  • Problem supervision

Knowledge management

  • Knowledge service
  • AI-based knowledge graph
  • Knowledge extraction