Goldwind Service

Clean energy smart operation and management solution

Smarter and more efficient energy operation service Increased operational potential and creating greater value

Smart operation, driven by innovation towards digital operation transformation, is an integrated solution for smart operations supported and driven by AI and extensive wind energy knowledge. Based on more than 20 years of clean energy technology knowledge and operation experience of 100GW clean energy assets, Goldwind constantly improves our product technology and operational experience on next generation of platforms. We also innovate with partners using digital technologies and open platforms and capabilities, work with clean energy operators to achieve the goal of safety, efficiency, and value maximization throughout the life cycle, gradually shifting from human-machine collaboration to a smart operation model.

Smart O&M service solution for wind farms

Goldwind's smart O&M service is committed to providing customers with standard, efficient, intelligent, transparent, flexible, and customized solutions, covering the whole life cycle of clean energy projects, providing site O&M, spare parts supply, component maintenance, software upgrades, technology improvements, power generation capacity increase and other services, effectively improving the operation stability of wind turbines, to secure the safe and reliable operation of a customer’s assets.

Smart O&M of Goldwind's wind farm and/or wind turbine

Smart O&M of Non-Goldwind wind farm and/or wind turbines

Smart O&M of the PV power station

O&M service capacities with
68GW assets in operation

Build a quick response technical support system with three-level coordination relying on a professional team

O&M global teams
include more than
IT expert team has more than
O&M service network
more than

Mature national O&M service resource network system

Supply chain, maintenance, transportation and installation

Master the core technologies of wind power R&D, manufacturing, monitoring, diagnosis, etc.

Case Sharing

A O&M project with a million kW of an investment company in Ningxia has installed nearly 600 Goldwind’s wind turbines. At present, Goldwind charged with the long-term O&M of the asset.

Solution for improving quality and efficiency of wind farms

Goldwind is one of the earliest enterprises in China to research the improvement of the power generation capacity. The company has more than 20 years of technology and field experience, a professional R&D team with more than 150 members, and a service network and resources all over the globe. Goldwind Service understands the performance characteristics of wind turbines in its whole lifecycle. To address key paint points such as risk, low revenue, and high O&M costs of large components of old wind farms, Goldwind provides customers with systematic, professional, and reliable personalized solutions to improve quality and increase efficiency through comprehensive testing and assessment to assist power generation enterprises in achieving the goal of long-term equipment performance.

Data-driven improvement strategy for power generation capacity based on multi-level performance indicators

The domestically leading wind turbine R&D platform for performance assessment, analysis, and simulation

Technical resources guarantee capacity covering the whole industrial chain across the country

3 value-added service solutions for safety upgrade, performance recovery, and potential tapping

Case Sharing

A wind farm in Guizhou installed a total of 38 Guangxi Galaxy GX93-2.5MW permanent magnet direct drive wind turbines. The project is located in an area with an average humidity of 77% and an altitude of 2500-3000 m.

Solution for remanufacturing and material guarantee

Goldwind is the first enterprise in China to carry out remanufacturing business, in line with the concept of professional sharing and value co-creation. In response to the issues of shutdown losses due to faults in large components of the wind farm, difficulty in precise defect elimination, and with the goal of maximizing customers' business objectives in mind, Goldwind integrates resources to build a service ecosystem, and realize the regional network layout of remanufacturing bases. With high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, material saving and environmental protection as criteria, Goldwind provides customers with "one-stop" remanufacturing and material support solutions, including repair of large parts and components, spare parts guarantee, upgrade and replacement of electric control and structural parts, wind turbine technology training, training platform customization, recycling and other businesses, helping customers minimize the downtime loss and reduce the fault rate.

Master the core technology of inspection and maintenance of large components of wind turbines

Blades, generators, gearboxes, etc.

9 independent maintenance centers, to ensure the personnel can quickly arrive at site within 24h

With the three-level backup storage system that covers 27 provinces in China, 72% of common spare parts can arrive within 24 h

More than 15 years of mature experience in maintenance and inspection of large components

Case Sharing

In August 2021, the gearbox of a DFSTW 1.5MW wind turbine of a wind farm failed, and stopped for emergency shutdown, which required maintenance. There was no backup machine on the wind farm. Procurement was applied temporarily, which will take one month. The wind turbine will be at risk of long-term shutdown due to a major failure, which may lead to the loss of power generation capacity for 1.5 months.

Solution for Clean Energy Asset Management

Risk sharing for asset value preservation and appreciation

With over 20 years of management capability of clean energy assets, Goldwind supports its partners in gaining stable benefits through the expansion of green transformation and development of the economy and society using data-driven and leading electricity trading strategies and innovative operation.

Smart operation digital solution SOAM™

Under the background of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking goals, the operation of power generation assets faces two major challenges, which are large-scale and high-quality development. Business model innovation and digital transformation are the necessary way. Goldwind's smart operation digital solution SOAM™ provides customers with multi-scenario digital solutions integrating wind power, PV, wind and solar storage, and source-network-load, with an open and flexible energy industry data platform and an IoT platform with independent intellectual property rights. Thanks to the practice and exploration of hundreds of large-scale projects, the new generation of smart operation digital solution SOAM™ has formed three unique advantages: large-scale data management and integration, comprehensive and integrated health management, as well as streamlined production and scheduling, to achieve efficiency improvement and cost reduction in large-scale asset operation.

Annual average O&M cost cut by 10-30 yuan/kW

Mean time between failures (MTBF) of the wind turbine increased by 20%-30%

Loss of power generation capacity reduced by 2-8%

Build a virtual power plant to increase electricity sales

Case Sharing

The clean energy stock of a province exceeds 30 million kW (including wind, solar and water), and the provincial power company provides one-stop platform services for new energy power generation enterprises in the province to assist the cooperation with us.