New Hope Liuhe Beijing Smart Farm

Industry Overview

According to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Resources Institute (WRI), carbon emissions from animal husbandry account for about 15% of the total global carbon emissions.

In animal husbandry, the industrial chain focuses on breeding and the carbon footprint involves sectors such as feed processing, veterinary drugs and vaccines, slaughter, food processing, logistics, retail, catering, etc. In the context of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”, the zero-carbon transformation of animal husbandry is becoming more significant. Zero-carbon solutions such as distributed PV, power storage, power sales, sewage treatment, green power, and green electricity consumption certificates are gradually becoming a reality.

Project Overview

Located in Pinggu District, Beijing, New Hope Liuhe Beijing Smart Farm is invested and built by the New Hope Group. The smart farm highlights ecology, safety, intelligence, and efficiency. Its construction marks the transformational trend toward “refined, facility-based, intelligent”farms.

The farm’s adoption of both the digital management and consumption of PV generation has made New Hope the first farm in China to demonstrate the technological and cultural innovation of farming.

Based on the natural conditions and power consumption features of the project, Goldwind tailored 2MW rooftop PV panels for the farm to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs. With the energy and carbon platform, the solution aims to enable the real-time online analysis and monitoring of the total power consumption of the farm balanced with PV power generation.

Ratio of green power Over
22 %
Annual carbon emissions reduced by
1,896 tons
Annual electricity expense saved Over
510,000 RMB

Zero-carbon Solution for Parks

Green energy supply system

PV power generation system
Energy and carbon platform

Customer Feedback

“As a demonstration project, the New Hope Liuhe Beijing Smart Farm is the first PV project by New Hope. After phase I is completed, the zero-carbon transformation project in Zibo and Hangzhou will be added to their growing portfolio of carbon-neutral farms.”

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