Goldwind's Zero-carbon Smart Park Project

Goldwind Zero-Carbon Smart Park focuses on energy use scenarios and gathers and integrates technical modules through park operation systems, a centralized control center, and smart portal/applications. It provides energy, office, life, culture, management, health, and other services to various industrial parks to build a green ecosystem. As a result, an industrial site can improve energy utilization efficiency, operation and business management, and promote information resource sharing.

Synchronized Economic and Social Development

Total carbon emissions reduced
4,260 tons
Costs saved by using green power
4 million RMB
Average annual cost of
348.9 RMB/MWh
Average annual cost of energy reduced
291.1 RMB/MWh

Goldwind Zero-carbon Solution for Parks

Green energy supply system

Wind turbine
GW 131-2.3MW
Wind turbine
PV power generation system
Polycrystalline / Monocrystalline / Cadmium telluride film

Smart zero carbon energy storage system

Energy storage capacity:
800 kWh

Backup power supply system

Gas micro-combustion engine:
730 kW
Diesel generator:
500 kW

Energy storage system

Cold storage capacity:
3000 rth
Peak cooling load:
3500 kW