Cultural Activities

Goldwind Held Intellectual Property Knowledge Contest on World Intellectual Property Day

High-standard intellectual property protection and efficient application of intellectual property are prerequisites for innovation and development.

With the assistance of Industry and Technology Innovation Alliance Council of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Goldwind held the first Goldwind Intellectual Property Knowledge Contest on April 26, 2019, the 19th World Intellectual Property Day.

The contest was promoted through Intellectual Property Knowledge Handbook, intellectual property related posters and Q&A session as well as online and offline participation. Using lunch time and noon break, our staff answered people’s questions at the campus of Goldwind’s Beijing Headquarters.

Property rights protection is the cornerstone of market economy, and intellectual property protection plays an important role in improving the property rights protection system, it is also the biggest incentive to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. High-standard intellectual property protection is the basic guarantee to stimulate innovation. On World Intellectual Property Day, Goldwind staff took a lively intellectual property protection class. In the future, we will promote the awareness of intellectual property rights in all aspects of our work, to push forward industrial progress and safeguard the internationalization of the company.