Cultural Activities

Goldwind Organized “Tree Planting” and “Family Day” Community Activities

On April 14th, 2019, Goldwind Volunteer Club organized “Tree Planting” and “Family Day” theme activities, which were official opening events of the club and important practices for the annual plan of Goldwind’s volunteers.

Thriving Trees

The first stop of the events was Liuhezhuang Forest Farm in Daxing District, Beijing. It is a municipal-level voluntary tree planting base, and the only municipal base in the southern part of the capital. More than 50 Goldwind volunteers actively participated in the “Tree Planting” activity. With the guidance of gardeners, volunteers were put into different teams to paint the tree trunks white (to prevent insects), dig ditches and water trees. Bathed in the spring sunshine and feeling the spring breeze and flowers, volunteers were relaxed.

After the event, Goldwind volunteers received Tree Planting Certificates issued by the Green Beijing Committee.

Planting a tree does not end up with digging a hole and putting the tree into the hole, it requires follow-up nurturing, the whole process of tree planting and nurturing will improve our understanding of social responsibility and our roles in protecting the environment.

Roses Given, Fragrance in Hand

The second stop of the events was Huo Village Community where Goldwind families and local families played games together. 15 groups of Goldwind families and their local friends played many interesting and loving games, such as “You play, I guess”, “Ping-pong”, and “Draw a picture of your parent/child”, which were designed by our volunteers based on the characteristics of the community venue and children. Families cheered and laughed throughout the games. After playing games, Goldwind volunteers awarded a small prize for each child, sent gifts to the children of the community, and donated other supplies to the community.

“Family Day” allowed the children of Goldwind to understand more about love and dedication, deepened the communication between the parents and children in Huo Village, and built trust through interactions and games. A parent who lives in Huo Village said: "I am very happy to see that the children and the volunteers of Goldwind are so happy, and thank you for the gifts that you have brought to the children. I hope that you will come and visit in the future. " Goldwind volunteers also enjoyed the preparation process and the games, just as a volunteer said after the event: "Helping others is like giving out roses, you will have fragrance in your hands.”

We welcome more and more employees and the general public to join the volunteer family. You help us grow and thrive.