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Goldwind Calls for “Simple Life and Green Work”

"Innovating for a Brighter Tomorrow" is our mission and common pursuit. We are committed to solving the energy and environmental problems with our own professional advantages. We encourage our staff and call on the public to live simple and work green, minimize waste of resources, avoid exacerbating environmental problems, and protect the planet we live on.

01  Stop excessive packaging, use less or no disposable product (wood chopsticks, paper cup, paper towel, etc.), sort your garbage, and reduce waste of resources.

02  Bring your own shopping bag or use eco-bag, and bring your own reusable bottle. Use less plastic bag and bottled water, and reduce the damage of non-degradable materials such as plastics to the environment.

03  Choose walking, cycling and public transportation to travel green and reduce carbon emissions. Drive a day less each week and share a ride with colleagues or friends.

04  Turn off the computer and display before the break and after work, and switch off the equipment after work, which can reduce the CO2 emissions by about one third.

05  Skip the elevator. Walking up seven floors of stairs can reduce carbon emissions by nearly two kilograms and help prevent weight gain.

06  Use a rollerball pen with a replaceable refill or a fountain pen. Choose electronic communication (e-mail, e-card, e-book, etc.) and duplex printing to save paper consumption and protect the forest.

07  Feed yourself, don’t feed the bin. Cherishing every grain and every piece of vegetables is a respect for labor, a reserve for life and in awe of nature.

08  Use work clothes more efficiently, you can borrow work clothes from or share with on-site staff when visiting the project site.

09  Reuse idle items such as clothes, books, toys, and electronic products through donation, exchange and sharing.

10  Join us in “Simple Life and Green Work”. Invite people around you to join us. Live simple and work green, start from me.