Cultural Activities

The “Cultural Trip” of Goldwind International Management Team

On July 25-26, 2018, Goldwind international management and several domestic management personnel left for a two-day cultural trip themed the “Past, Current and Future” in Xinjiang Province, China. The team revisited the place where Goldwind’s dreams began, recalled how the enterprise developed from the original sites and exchanged thoughts about the company’s cultural heritage and concepts of innovation and development.

The team members visited the original site of Chaiwopu Lake west wind power testing station. They restudied how Goldwind people collected operating data at the test station, tested the superior wind resources of Dabancheng City wind fetch and explored wind power generation in Xinjiang area.

The team also visited Daban Wind Farm and Xinjiang Wind Energy Co., Ltd. Wu Gang, Chairman of Goldwind, narrated the story of how Goldwind people pursued their dreams and pioneered the enterprise with painstaking efforts. He revisited the entrepreneurship spirit of “daring to be the first” and of “innovation, contribution, solidarity and collaboration” which define all the Goldwind people.

The team visited the site where the first generation turbines were designed and made. Yu Wuming, ex-chairman of Goldwind, told the story of how Goldwind people researched and developed China’s self-made turbines. He revisited Goldwind’s entrepreneurship spirit of “quality guaranteeing survival” and “effectiveness bringing development”.

The team then visited the manufacturing plant of Xinjiang headquarter. Wang Jin, Business Vice President, informed the team as to how Goldwind people made untiring efforts to test turbines, accumulated data and iterations, and finally achieved breakthroughs. He revisited the management philosophy of “quality first” and “creating the biggest value for users”.

The team visited Goldwind Tianyi testing wind farm. Zhu Xinxiang, Deputy Manager of Xinjing Headquarter, spoke about how Goldwind people tested and compared various types of turbine components and continuously optimized and upgraded turbine performance. He made a special mention of company’s spirit of “pushing forward, being responsible, being practical-minded and pursuing optimization”.

The entrepreneurial stories of Goldwind in the past 20 years are a demonstration of Goldwind people’s characters and pursuits. Their sincerity, sense of responsibility, openness and inclusiveness, and their strength in both, knowledge and actions, persistent pursuit for innovation and premium quality resonated with team members.

“Talented people are the most valuable assets of our company and the engines driving Goldwind to achieve better management and innovations. Our dream is not only to establish a great career, but also to contribute to the society, appreciate and enjoy our lives, find the balance between work and life. Let us all make greater efforts to build great careers and wonderful lives,” said Wu Gang, Chairman of Goldwind.