Cultural Activities

Goldwind’s Chile Punta Sierra Project Team Visits Local Primary School

Goldwind’s Punta Sierra Project Team in Chile under Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Goldwind”) visited the local primary school of Caleta Sierra, which lies close to the project. They brought the children breakfast and a variety of office and school supplies.

Students showed keen interest in the wind turbines. Goldwind project staff explained to schoolchildren the operating principles of turbines and invited students to visit the wind farms.

Goldwind staff mixed freely with teachers and students and encouraged schoolchildren to work hard on learning cultures and gain knowledge to make continuous progress, making contributions to clean energy locally.

Goldwind’s Punta Sierra project is located in northern Chile, employing 32 GW 121-2.5MW turbines. Goldwind has supplied components for the wind turbines by ship and land transport. It installs, operates and provides maintenance services for the turbines. The construction of the project is directly managed and executed by Goldwind’s international project management team, which is responsible for all construction work of wind turbines.

Despite being busy with the project, Goldwind’s team in Chile did not neglect its social responsibility. It donated the wooden cases used for ocean freight to local residents. This gesture earned it the acclaim of locals.

We join hands in building an ecologically-friendly environment which will be shared by all. Such efforts boost cultural exchange. Goldwind bears the mission that “Innovating for a Brighter Tomorrow”. With a responsibility of promoting the sustainable use of clean energy across the world, we adhere to the spiritual core of our global strategy, which is “going global”. We are concerned about the social responsibility of an enterprise. Therefore, we proactively participate in low-carbon emission and green education, letting the ideas of greenness and low emission spread in each corner of the world.