Goldwind launches the new generation products on CWP2020

China Wind Power (CWP) opened up at China International Exhibition Center during October 14-16, 2020. With the theme of “Leading a green recovery and building a better future”, the 3-day conference & exhibition attracted more than 400 companies to participate. Goldwind launched a series of new products and solutions on the event, to “Drive the New Era of Wind Power”.

wind turbine equipment supplierOn the opening ceremony, Goldwind together with other global wind power representatives released Beijing Declaration on Wind Energy. Goldwind Chairman Wu Gang said: "Goldwind will take actions to support China's carbon emission reduction targets for 2030 and 2060 proposed at the 75th United Nations General Assembly.” Goldwind has completed the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of our main products’ environmental impact through the European professional third party institution, and actively take the responsibility of sustainable development of carbon emission reduction. Goldwind also calls on more enterprises to take the lead in using green electricity, starting the revolution from the consumer side, and make contribution to the society and all mankind.” 

At the Business Forum, Goldwind President Cao Zhigang said: “Wind power is the main driving force to promote energy structure optimization, low-carbon energy and achieve the goal of ’carbon neutrality'. As a leading enterprise in the wind power industry, Goldwind advocates the attention and recognition of the whole society to use renewable energy and everyone can benefit from the using of affordable, reliable, and sustainable green energy ."

The wind power industry is entering a new era, how to face the new industry goals and development environment and provide customers with higher quality, lower price and better performance renewable energy solutions has become a new direction for industry development and exploration. 

Complying with industry development trends and market requirements, at this exhibition Goldwind launched the third-generation direct-drive permanent magnet platform GP21 and series of products including GW165-3.6MW, GW165-4.0MW and GW165-5.XMW, as well as GW1S - a comprehensive solution to improve the quality and efficiency of inventory assets with huge potential for efficiency improvement. Relying on the application on digital technology, Goldwind improves the performance and intelligence of the new generation wind turbines, and empowers customers with the best solutions throughout the life cycle.