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Goldwind joins the APQP4Wind board of directors

In September, 2020, at the APQP4Wind board meeting, Goldwind joined the APQP4Wind board of directors with a unanimous approval. Thus, Goldwind became one of the first two companies to join the board of directors apart from the 5 original founders, also, the only non-European and American company on the board of directors. This marks the APQP4Wind's recognition of Goldwind's achievements on quality management, also means that Goldwind, which represents Chinese or Asian wind power companies, has made a significant breakthrough to have an impact on international wind power quality standards formulation and management.

APQP4Wind was originally a project initiated by the Danish Wind Industry Association and later developed into an independent non-profit organization. It is an authority on quality management in the wind power industry, which aims to develop an APQP quality management method which is suitable for the industry and applicable to the quality management practice, thereby reducing the LCOE and risks of the entire industry chain.

Goldwind introduced APQP4Wind quality planning management in 2017. In June, 2019, Goldwind made the first formal contact with APQP4Wind, and then became a member of it. After that, Goldwind kept promoting the application of APQP4Wind and formed the management specification of Goldwind supplier APQP4GW and PPAP manual, having a good impact on the process of quality improvement of the entire industry chain.

The joining of APQP4Wind board of directors is another milestone for Goldwind in quality management, also proves that Goldwind has been dedicated to improve the quality management on a global scale, including the ongoing customer-centric closed-loop management system and wind power long-distance running quality management model. Goldwind will continue to drive the high-quality development of the wind power industry with higher standards and better concepts.