Goldwind signs agreement on strategic cooperation with Standard Chartered Bank

In September, 2020, Goldwind signed the Southeast Asian market strategic cooperation agreement with Standard Chartered Bank, aimed at deepening the cooperation between the two parties in the Southeast Asian market and jointly promoting the good development of international green energy cooperation.

Today, ASEAN is one of the global regions with rapid growth on economy, and many member countries are doing research on policies related to the advance of new energy, which has broad perspectives in the fields of low-carbon economy, clean energy, and sustainable development.

With the innovation of clean energy technology and the reduction in costs, emerging markets are paying increasing attention to clean energy investment. This has also created more and more opportunities for Goldwind.

Goldwind has been deploying in the ASEAN market since 2011, and has won a total bid of more than 1GW. This market has become one of Goldwind’s most potential overseas markets. This strategic cooperation agreement opens up a new space for Goldwind to explore international clean energy markets jointly with Standard Chartered Bank. Goldwind will continue to be a provider of green energy to the world and support green energy to play a more important role in the energy system.