Goldwind Leads IEC Microgrid Specification and Wins Approval

Recently, the technical specification named Microgrids – Part 3-1: Technical requirements – Protection and dynamic control (IEC TS 62898-3-1), proposed and led by Goldwind’s wholly-owned subsidiary Beijing Etechwin Electric Co., Ltd., won 100% positive votes from IEC/SC 8B Decentralized Electrical Energy Systems, and is expected to be published in November 2020.

In August 2016, Goldwind representing China made a proposal to IEC/TC 8 (System Aspects of Electrical Energy Supply) and submitted the working draft of the technical specification. Experts from France, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Canada and Japan participated in the formulation of the technical specification. From 2016 to 2019, the project team conducted many discussions and revised the committee draft based on expert comments from member countries. The DTS (draft technical specification) was sent by IEC/SC 8B for voting on December 13, 2019, and won 100% approval by the end of the voting period.

IEC TS 62898-3-1 specifies requirements for protection and dynamic control of AC microgrids, and puts forward technical requirements in aspects of microgrid protection system, transient and dynamic disturbance control, and communication. It breaks traditional understanding of core microgrid technologies and proposes a groundbreaking combination of protection and dynamic control, giving strong correlation between the two based on microgrid characteristics.

After leading the development of a national standard Technical Requirements for Relay Protection of Microgrid in China, Goldwind once again took the lead in an international technical specification concerning microgrid protection and control. Goldwind has long been active in the formulation and review of international, national and industry standards in the field of new energy, and also successfully promoted and transformed the achievements of standardization. It is committed to propelling China’s standardization in microgrids to keep pace with international community.

After four years of efforts in discussion and preparation, IEC TS 62898-3-1 has finally been completed and approved, filling the gap of IEC standardization in microgrid protection and dynamic control and boosting Goldwind’s influence in microgrid protection and control technologies. It will play a crucial part in guiding the application of control technologies for safe and stable operation of microgrids worldwide, as well as enhancing China’s voice in the new energy field.