Goldwind Awarded the National Technological Innovation Award 2019

In January 2020, the 2019 State Science and Technology Awarding Meeting was held in Beijing with 296 projects and 12 experts from various science and technological fields, 308 in total, as award winners. Goldwind has participated in the project "Key Technologies and Applications of Large Low-Speed High-Efficient Direct-Drive Permanent Magnet Wind Generator", which has been granted the second prize of the State Technological Innovation Award 2019.

Zhao Xiang, Deputy Chief Engineer of Goldwind, and his team were responsible for designing the core component, that is the direct-drive permanent magnet wind generator, and the whole team has invented a new method for cogging torque suppression. For the first time, Goldwind put forward the criterion and construction method for the basic cogging unit, and discovered the law of mapping between the clogging torque harmonics spectrum and the position angle of the basic cogging unit and how to gradually weaken the cogging torque harmonic waves and decrease the torque by up to 65%. All this helped to address a worldwide pain point, which is to start a large-scale direct-drive wind generator under super low wind-speed conditions, improving the power generation in low wind-speed regions by more than 5‰.

In addition, Goldwind invented a design method for full-working-condition wind turbines under the control of the converter, and proposed a power fast track scheme to reduce its load and improve the power generation efficiency. In addition, breakthroughs have also been made in key technologies related to manufacturing and testing of large-scale wind turbines.

All this will work to enhance the research and development capabilities of wind power equipment of China and push for the upgrade of the direct-drive wind turbine technology.