Goldwind Signed Cooperation Framework Agreement with Nebras Power

In January 2020, Goldwind signed a cooperation framework agreement with Nebras Power Q.P.S.C., an energy investment company ("Nebras Power") in Doha, the capital of Qatar, signaling a three-year future journey together into the new energy field based on international corporation.

Goldwind - wind farm operation and maintenance company

Fahad H.AI-Mohannadi, president of Nebras Power, signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Wu Gang, chairman of Goldwind

As per the agreement, Goldwind and Nebras Power will jointly set up a steering committee to promote the cooperation between both parties in the fields of renewable energy generation, wind farm operation and maintenance (O&M), energy efficiency improvement and development of energy storage technology. The two parties will work together in the evaluation and development of new renewable energy projects, provide technical consultancy and O&M services for wind farms, and talent training and intellectual support for large-scale renewable energy projects. And they will also jointly engage in equity investment and M&A of renewable energy projects, as well as equity investment in innovative projects.