Goldwind Passes Re-certification of AEO Advanced Certification

In 2014, Goldwind became an AEO Advanced Certified Enterprise for the first time. According to the requirements of the General Administration of Customs, enterprises should be re-certified for the AEO Advanced Certified Enterprise every three years. In 2019, Goldwind completed the re-certification procedures and got a pass again.

The acquisition of the AEO Advanced Certification marks that Goldwind can enjoy the highest preferential treatment in customs clearance.

1. AEO certification is mutually recognized among 40 countries and regions and the customs trust-based release indicates Goldwind's high commercial reputation.

2. The enhancement of the management capabilities in import and export businesses, the guarantee of trade security, and reduced trade risks will greatly help the implementation of Goldwind's internationalization strategies.

3. With the customs clearance of import and export businesses accelerated and rate of clearance inspection reduced, Goldwind can ensure the timely delivery of goods for international orders.

4. With reduced customs clearance costs, Goldwind's competitiveness in the international market can be enhanced.

5. A customs official is appointed as a coordinator to give Goldwind one-to-one guidance and support, who can help Goldwind solve specific problems of import and export businesses.

About the AEO certification

AEO is short for Authorized Economic Operator. It is advocated by the World Customs Organization and aims at realizing trade security and convenience for the global supply chain through establishment of a cooperative relationship between the customs and business partners. The AEO advanced certification is the highest credit rating of the customs and is a clear recognition for companies involved in international trade. The certification consists of 31 requirements, such as internal control, current operating conditions, legal compliance, and trade security. The AEO certification rules were reformed in 2019 and stricter requirements and more prudent certification processes were set forth.