Offshore Wind Turbine with the Largest Rotor Diameter in the Asia-Pacific Region Runs at Full Capacity

In December 2019, Goldwind's GW184-6.45 MW wind turbine, equipped with 90-meter blades, ran at full capacity in the CTGNE Jiangsu Dafeng Offshore Wind Farm Project. The offshore wind turbine boasts the largest rotor diameter in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Goldwind's GW184-6.45 MW wind turbine is tailored for operation in waters with low wind speed. This model has the following main features:

1.    It is the wind turbine with the largest rotor diameter in the Asia-Pacific region and stronger power-generating capacity.

The GW184-6.45 MW turbine has blades that are 90 meters long and adopts the HQ airfoils with a high lift-drag ratio. It has a small load and high power generation efficiency, which can reduce the cost of energy and increase the returns on investment. And through a complete wind tunnel test, more truthful data of the aerodynamic performance of the airfoils have been obtained to ensure reliable power generation performance in the future. The international certification body TUV NORD has carried out the design and type certification for the blades, and the design certification has been issued.

Goldwind wind turbine construction

2.    It is the first domestic use of dampers to reduce load in China, which can effectively reduce the weight of the support structures.

The tower damper is of great significance in reducing costs and improving reliability, especially in terms of its high efficiency in suppressing resonance - a small mass absorbs the tower's huge vibration energy and then dissipates that by a damping device to reduce the vibration and the load of the tower and the whole machine. This can greatly reduce the weight of the tower and the foundation by more than 10%, and improve the competitiveness and reliability.

Goldwind digital wind farm system

3.    Lidar is generally used to enhance the stability and adaptability.

Goldwind combines advanced lidar wind measurement technology with intelligent wind turbine control technology, just like equipping the wind turbine with a "brain" and "eyes". The wind turbine can accurately sense the flow field information in advance, such as the incoming wind speed, direction, and turbulence intensity, and their changes, thereby greatly reducing the load of the wind turbine, effectively optimizing the power generation, improving stability and adaptability under severe wind conditions, and improving the safety.

Goldwind wind farm management system

4.    Blade tip-to-tower clearance monitoring ensures safe operation.

The blade tip-to-tower clearance monitoring system captures real-time images of the wind turbines through high-definition cameras, uses computer's visual deep learning algorithms to process these images, and computes the blade tip-to-tower distance. Through real-time clearance monitoring, intelligent load reduction can be achieved, thereby relaxing the requirements on parameters such as the flexibility indicators of the blades, ensuring safe operation, and reducing both loads of the wind turbine and costs of the blades.

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