Goldwind Participated Successfully in ACERA Event in Chile

Goldwind South America team participated in the Chilean Association of Renewable Energies-ACERA event in Santiago, on November 21. The event slogan was "Dreams for 2030" and it invited companies, associations, governments and NGOs to think about what they wanted the country to be like in the next ten years.

Goldwind global leading wind turbine manufacturer"How can developed countries do to stop global warming without harming the growth of the poorest countries?" was the focus of the conference of Juan Carlos Jobet, Minister of Energy of Chile. Leaders of native peoples, journalists and energy companies also participated in the event, gave their opinions and presented their projects.

Li Yang, Sales Director of Goldwind South America, said that “I hope that the passion we put into our daily work continues to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and to stop climate change, and I wish that universal energy access in Chile - as in the rest of South America - be guaranteed and that this be mainly from renewable sources”.

The ACERA event was held with great success in Santiago de Chile, and it was a space for deep debate that laid the foundations for the coming changes. Renewable energies were positioned as a fundamental tool for a sustainable future of the country and the South American region.