Goldwind Unveils 8MW Wind Turbine

On September 25, 2019, Goldwind unveiled its 8 MW wind turbine at a ceremony  held at Goldwind Technology Fujian Equipment Manufacturing Base of the Three Gorges Offshore Wind Power International Industrial Park in Fujian Province. This is the debut of China’s first 8 MW wind turbine with completely independent intellectual property rights. It has finished all-round test and certification, and the installation will be completed at the second phase of Xinghua Bay Project by the end of 2019. Before that, the wind turbine will be subject to a two-month drag test on the Goldwind’s test bench in Fujian.

8MW offshore wind turbine, Goldwind wind turbine solutions

Based on years of offshore wind power practice, technical accumulation and iteration, Goldwind 8 MW offshore wind turbine has gathered many advantages:

Inheritance: Platform-based development and mature technology ensures reliability

With completely independent intellectual property rights, the 8 MW turbine inherits the R&D application experience of more than 20,000 direct drive turbines of Goldwind Technology. Its design is based on the mature platform of Goldwind 6S series, and over 80% of the parts are universal. This laddering development maximizes technical continuity and reliability. GW175-8.0MW offshore wind turbine, featured with large capacity, increases power generation by lowering the wake loss, thus reducing the sea area of wind farms. While improving the utilization of the ocean, the turbine also has outstanding performance in shortening the construction period and reducing construction and O&M costs.

Innovative: Rain erosion control technology improves blade life

Rain erosion is the main damaging factor of the leading edge of the wind turbine blades. Especially in the offshore environment, the blade tip speed approaches 100 m/s, and raindrops hitting blades bring great impact and serious erosion to the surface. Based on the erosion protection technology of the blade leading edge, Goldwind 8 MW wind turbine can adjust the rotor speed in real time according to meteorological conditions, and effectively reduce the erosion of the leading edge, thus improving the life and reliability of blades, and reducing O&M costs.

Cutting-edge: Self-developed E-TOP technology realizes one-click start

E-TOP technology refers to moving the electrical equipment from the bottom tower to the top nacelle. This will reduce the number of power cables in the tower, solve the layout of cable twist system and wear issues of large turbines, and reduce losses. The overall efficiency can be raised by more than 1%. Meanwhile, with the E-TOP layout, the turbine can be installed and commissioned in the factory and delivered as a whole, cutting on-site installation workload by about 48 hours, and realizing one-click start-up after on-site grid connection.

Intelligent: blade clearance monitoring technology reduces turbine loads

The blade clearance monitoring system collects the operation pictures of the wind turbine through a high-definition camera, processes the pictures in real time with the computer vision deep learning algorithm, and acquires the clearance distance of the wind turbine. Based on the real-time monitoring, the system intelligently reduces turbine loads and thus relaxes requirements on parameters such as the flexible index of blades. The technology can ensure safe operation of the wind turbine while reducing the loads and blade cost.

Reliable: All-round test and verification escort stable operation

Relying on the test center of Goldwind, the 8 MW wind turbine completes testing and verification of key components such as pitch yaw bearing and hydraulic pitch system; the integrated water cooling system has been through long-term operation test on the test platform for water cooling system, to ensure the system reliability. Besides, key components such as transformers and converters are also subject to test and verification to ensure the reliability of electrical systems; the drag test on the test bench tests and verifies the function and performance of the wind turbine. The above measures have greatly improved the stability of the wind turbine in on-site operation.

Economic: E-Plus design enables extra generation, tailored for Fujian Province

Goldwind 8 MW wind turbine implements the strategy of E-Plus extra generation. When the ambient temperature is lower than 24°C, based on environmental sensing and intelligent control technology, Goldwind 8 MW wind turbine can go beyond the designed capacity to 8.5 MW, ensuring the power generation of the wind farm and fully guaranteeing the owner's revenue.