Goldwind Large Offshore Wind Turbine Awarded Type Certificate by DNV GL and CGC

Goldwind offshore wind turbine company

Goldwind was granted the level A type certificate for the GW154/6.7 MW offshore wind turbine from the world-leading certification group DNV GL. It also received the type certificate from CGC. Therefore, GW154/6.7 MW is the first large offshore wind turbine in China approved by the key certification bodies both domestically and globally.

GW154/6.7 MW wind turbine boasts reliable grid connection including low and high voltage ride through verified by China Electric Power Research Institute. The redundancy design enables automatic switchover when fault occurs, ensuring normal operation of turbines. GW154/6.7 MW has been operating stably after installed in the Xinghua Bay wind farm and connected to the grid in April 2018. It passed the strict prototype test on July 23, 2019, making Goldwind the only company that entered the warranty period in the wind farm by now.  

DNV GL, based on the international certification standards for offshore machines, makes real-time review and technical discussion during each evaluation phase to improve the design of control and protection system, fall arrest system and key components. DNV GL experts also witnessed all the tests of safety and functions of the prototype, and made strict evaluation of hydraulic pitch. The verification, for the first time, adopted nacelle-based wind Lidars to assess the turbine’s mechanical load and power curve. It successfully addressed wind measurement challenges of type certification of offshore wind turbines, and won recognition of China’s and international certification agencies.