Longyuan Jiangsu Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project: 80 Wind Turbines Were Installed and Connected to the Grid in Only 160 Days of Working Window during 11 Months

Recently, the 80th wind turbine at the Longyuan Jiangsu Dafeng H7 offshore wind power project (hereinafter referred to as H7 project) was successfully connected to the grid, marking a successfully conclusion for the equipment delivery, installation, grid connection, and power generation of the project, which also set another record for China’s offshore wind farm construction.

The H7 project is the second offshore wind farm invested and built by Longyuan in the sea off Dafeng, Jiangsu Province. The wind farm selected 80 units of GW130-2.5 MW wind turbines, with a total capacity of 200 MW. The project contract was signed in April 2018 and the first wind turbine was delivered by the end of July of the same year; up to now, all of the 80 wind turbines have been delivered for installation and connected to the grid. The delivery and construction of the entire project takes no more than 11 months, setting another record for China’s offshore wind farm construction.

The center of H7 project is over 45 km from the shore, with complex sea conditions, poor accessibility and many construction difficulties. The 80 wind turbines were installed and connected to the grid in 11 months. The scale of installation and speed of commissioning, grid connection and project construction are unprecedented for China's offshore wind power projects.

During the 11-month installation period, the effective offshore working window was only about 160 days. As conditions of the project were complex, Goldwind’s offshore service team worked with the company's R&D, quality, process, transportation and other teams to develop an overall support program for the project, tracked the progress throughout the implementation process, and ultimately ensured the efficiency and high quality of delivery, installation and grid connection for the project.

Looking afar, rows of wind turbines stand up in the blue and grand sea, facing the sea breeze and producing a steady stream of green energy.