Goldwind Again Awarded AAA by China’s Top Credit Rating Agency

Recently, China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co., Ltd. (“CCXI”), the top third-party credit rating agency in China, awarded Goldwind a AAA credit rating with a stable outlook. It also rates Goldwind AAA for its existing debt financing instruments. The professional recognition from a major third-party institution is the highest appraisal of Goldwind’s commitment to its high-quality development and the wind power industry.

Goldwind has obtained the highest rating in China for four consecutive years, which fully proves its excellent credit and debt-paying ability.

Recognition from the leading credit rating agency

Established in 1992, CCXI is the first nationwide credit rating agency in China approved by the People’s Bank of China. Leading China’s credit rating industry in the past 27 years, CCXI has maintained the largest market share across the capital market and won market recognition with its strong fairness, compliance and reliable rating quality. It also has been the best credit rating agency agreed by the top three regulators in China: National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, National Development and Reform Commission and Insurance Asset Management Association of China.

CCXI adopts professional rating methodology, big data analysis of the industry, enterprise rating model and interviews to have a comprehensive and deep understanding of Goldwind and the wind power industry. It concludes that Goldwind enjoys an industry-leading position, advanced PMDD technology, sufficient order backlog, sound financing channels and stable profitability, providing strong support for its creditworthiness.

AAA rating promotes the development of Goldwind

Credit rating is an important indicator to evaluate the debtor risk in the capital market. AAA is the highest rating, showing that the company has extremely strong capability to pay back the debt, almost no influence from the adverse economic conditions, and the least default risk.

The credit score, seen as the corporate credit report, directly affects the financing channel, which in turn changes the financing cost. Since 2016, Goldwind has obtained AAA credit rating for four years, laying a solid foundation for the direct and innovative financing in the capital market. The excellent result this year could help expand the base of potential debt investors, broaden the financing channels of capital markets, and reduce financing costs, bolstering Goldwind’s capital and business development

Goldwind will continue to fulfill its responsibilities, expand diverse financing channels globally, and strengthen financing innovation to raise high-quality funds for the enterprise development and sustainable growth of the renewable energy industry.