Single Blade Installation Was First Used on Onshore Direct Drive Wind Turbine in China

On May 15, 2019, the single blade installation technology was first used on onshore direct drive wind turbine in China. The turbine was successfully installed at the Tianrun Wind Farm in Dabangcheng, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

It is Goldwind’s GW136-3.4MW wind turbine, with a hub height of 100 m and a blade length of 67 m.

In fact, as early as February 2018, the single blade installation was used on the GW154-6.7MW wind turbine in Xinghua Bay, Fujian province. This time marks an important “ice breaking” for the application of single blade installation technology on onshore direct drive wind turbine. The blade was installed in a 30° angle, which was technically more difficult and could adapt to a wider range of wind speeds. It reduced operating time and saved installation costs. 

What are the advantages of single blade installation technology?

●      The single blade installation technology can increase the working window, improve work efficiency and save costs. When the wind speed exceeds 8 m/s, the traditional rotor installation cannot continue. The single blade installation technology can adapt to a wind speed of up to 12 m/s, it can significantly increase the operating days in areas with higher wind speed.

●      The technology can save land. It uses the access road to lift the blades and is good for the environmental protection at wind farms, which is a good experiment to promote the construction of green wind farms.

As we all know, direct drive wind turbines have obvious advantages such as low maintenance cost and high reliability. Goldwind has successfully applied single blade installation technology to onshore direct drive wind turbines, taking the lead in providing a good solution to reduce the lifecycle operating costs of onshore wind farms in China.

China’s onshore wind turbines have entered an era featuring large rotor and high capacity. A wind turbine with a rotor diameter of over 135 m and a capacity of over 3 MW has become mainstream. In this context, the upgraded installation technology for onshore wind turbines with large rotor and high capacity can reduce the installation cycle and costs, thus effectively reducing the construction costs of wind farms.

Mr. Wu Gang, Chairman of Goldwind, once said: "Wind power is a marathon.” All along, Goldwind has fully understood and grasped the development law of the industry and upheld the product quality. With more than 20 years of technical accumulation in wind energy development, we constantly optimize and explore the unique cutting-edge technology and management methods, to provide customers with products and services that are excellent in quality, technically advanced, cost effective and dynamic. We are committed to driving and leading the continued and stable development of the wind power industry.