Goldwind Offshore Wind Power Training Center Passed the Certification of GWO Working at Heights Module

"Reliability" and "safety" are two important keywords in offshore wind power. How to ensure safety and work efficiently is the homework that every offshore wind power personnel must do. The sea is never the only source of risk for wind power operations, each working at heights or operation & maintenance (O&M) task requires professional and standard behavior.

On-site certification

In this context, the Goldwind Offshore Wind Training Center has successfully passed the Global Wind Energy Organization (GWO) Working at Heights Module, certified by Lloyd's Register Assurance (hereinafter referred to as LR), which will help continuously enhance the standardized security training of Goldwind.

The certification is divided into three aspects: management system assessment, curriculum assessment and on-site practice display.

In order to build a Working at Heights Module that meets the requirements of GWO-BST standard, the training center has carried out a lot of preparatory work at the early stage, and carefully prepared the courseware, training documentation and practice details. In the process of preparing the course documents, the training center has communicated many times with the responsible person of GWO Denmark to ensure accurate and in-depth grasp of the latest connotation of the GWO standard.

During the two-day assessment, LR's assessors made rigorous and professional review on the knowledge system, training contents required by the GWO standard and knowledge about working at heights of training personnel, and the training center successfully passed the certification of GWO Working at Heights Module.

This certification means that Goldwind has taken another solid step towards standardized wind power safety training. As early as December 2018, the training center had passed LR's on-site certification of the GWO Sea Survival Module, another important certification obtained by the training center after the certification of China General Certification.

Training platform for working at heights

At present, the training center has worked with the State Power Investment Corporation, China Longyuan Corporation, China Three Gorges Corporation, China General Nuclear Power Corporation and other enterprises to provide customers with systematic course training. So far, over 3,000 people have received the training. In the future, the training center will help upgrade the domestic offshore wind power safety training to the level of international standards, making due contribution to the safety training of personnel working for the Goldwind industrial chain and even the entire wind power industry.

It has been over 10 years since China's first offshore wind power test prototype (Goldwind’s GW70-1.5MW) was installed in the Bohai Bay. Goldwind always puts wind turbine reliability and O&M safety first, especially for the offshore wind power “marathon”, and works closely with developers, design institutes, construction companies and other partners. In the future, we will, as always, work professionally and rigorously for the high-quality development of offshore wind power, and continuously promote the cause of offshore wind power.