Smart Evolution, Future of Water Treatment – Goldwind Attended IE expo China 2019

On April 15th, the IE expo China, Asia's leading environmental event, was held in Shanghai. Goldwind debuted at the exhibition with the theme of “Empowerment to Water”, which fully demonstrated the technologies and solutions for precise aeration, clean energy in water treatment, electrical automation, lean operation platform, etc., explaining how digital technology and clean energy technology can redefine the future development of smart water treatment.

The exhibition hall used many digital and technological elements and attracted a large number of professional visitors and the media. Representatives of water treatment companies, from both the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, were very interested in energy conservation and digital operation of water plant, and had in-depth exchanges with Goldwind staff. They said that the energy consumption of the sewage treatment industry was very high in the operation process, and the cost pressure was very heavy. Goldwind's lean operation and clean energy solutions for water treatment could generate great economic benefits and environmental protection value.

The new generation of W-DAS Precise Aeration System released

During the exhibition, Goldwind released its new generation of W-DAS Precise Aeration System. Since its launch in 2017, the product has been quickly recognized by the market and has been used in several water plants in Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces. The electricity consumed per ton of water by the blower has been reduced by over 15% year-on-year, significantly reducing the energy consumption per ton and overall energy cost of the water plant. It also enabled active response to changes in water quality and quantity, improving the water plant's ability to resist load shocks and effectively improving the water plant's output compliance rate.

When talking about the digital features of the new generation of precise aeration system, Mr. Gao Dexin, the person in charge, said: “During the operation, traditional water plants are always subject to large fluctuations in water quality and quantity, core indicators are very difficult to control, manual adjustments are lagging and frequent, and the energy cost is high. Goldwind's W-DAS Precise Aeration System is based on electrical automation technology, it is supported by big data analysis of water plants and based on the characteristics of the blower system. Modular design, humanized interaction and customized models are used in the whole product, which can reduce the water treatment energy consumption, improve the output compliance rate, and improve the water plant automation level for the user."

Clean energy and water treatment operation management platform applied throughout the process

Through the three-dimensional interactive display of “Smart Water Plant Energy Solution” in the exhibition hall, visitors can find that Goldwind’s Smart Water Plant Energy Solution has covered the entire energy consumption process of the water plant from the power generation side to the energy operation and maintenance. The solution enables cleaner utilization and smart management of energy for the water plant in a more refined and dynamic manner. Distributed energy can make full use of the clean energy resources of the water plant and reduce the energy cost; the water treatment operation management platform and 30+ application modules enable lean operation of the water plant in an all-round way, covering production monitoring, operation and maintenance, asset management to laboratory management, etc. The smart energy efficiency system can easily realize visual monitoring and efficient energy consumption management of water plant. Entering Goldwind’s exhibition hall, visitors can find answers to issues about smart water treatment and energy upgrading.

“Domestic water treatment giants such as Beijing Drainage Group, Beijing Enterprises Water Group, and Beijing OriginWater have cooperative projects with us. After the implementation of the projects, the energy cost has dropped significantly, and the proportion of clean energy has increased, achieving both economic and environmental benefits.” Goldwind staff said.

During the exhibition, our technical experts also made a series of keynote speeches, and shared technical applications and classic cases in the water industry, such as precise aeration and clean energy.