Goldwind’s Overseas Service Solution Factories Completed and Put into Operation

Recently, the IGBT service solution factories built by Goldwind in Pakistan and Brazil were officially completed and successfully put into operation. They have been handed over to the local service teams for use.

With these factories, Goldwind now has the professional service capability to repair the IGBT and other components of converter for the first time overseas, which will upgrade the service capability of Goldwind's overseas market to a new level and open a new chapter in service localization.

The IGBT service solution factories in Pakistan and Brazil are important parts of Goldwind's Solution Factory Project, which was established in 2018. Since the launch of the project in July 2018, Goldwind has been planning the design of overseas IGBT service solution factory and looking for overseas construction resources. We completed the shipping, installation, commissioning, repairing, and testing of platform equipment overseas, and sent service personnel to China for training. Now, Goldwind has the capability to detect, repair, test, and maintain IGBT modules locally.

The project focuses on electrical safety, workshop renovation, safety in production, etc. It also ensures that the construction of overseas service solution factories meets the maintenance process requirements in China and overseas safety requirements.

Goldwind’s Solution Factory Project aims to provide a sound after-sales service system for overseas markets, with three major business directions: warehousing of spare parts, global supply of spare parts, and local after-sales maintenance & retrofit. Through the construction of a comprehensive after-sales service center, we can further expand our business to the remanufacturing field, laying a good foundation for the expansion of wind turbine market in the future.

The completion of factories in Pakistan and Brazil marks the success of the first stage of the Solution Factory project. It enhances the local maintenance capability of Goldwind's overseas business and reduces the service cost. It also greatly enhances the professional image and customer satisfaction of Goldwind in overseas markets. It is reported that the overseas generator service solution factory is also in progress.