Goldwind and UL recognized wind laboratory was inaugurated

Recently, Goldwind and UL recognized wind laboratory was inaugurated in Beijing. At the ceremony, Goldwind and UL signed a MoU on cooperation, committed to enhancing mutual trust, deepening cooperation and integrating resources so as to elevate their cooperation to a new level.

The two companies have completed proficiency testing on wind turbine testing and recognized each other as their collaborating laboratories. They plan to conduct cooperation on turbine type testing, R&D testing, technology accreditation, power curves, laboratory proficiency comparison on mechanical load, offshore grids, and turbine life extension. At the ceremony, UL awarded personal certificates to five engineers from Goldwind for their competency on field evaluation, the first on technical competency it gave to its clients.

During the more than ten years’ cooperation, Goldwind and UL have jointly tested many turbine models and Goldwind has been recognized by UL for its testing proficiency several times.

Committed to developing wind power technologies for more competitive products, Goldwind has conducted extensive basic research on and built many test facilities for wind turbines, accumulating large and high-quality testing resources. UL, as a world-renowned third-party service and testing agency, also boasts strong testing proficiency and abundant testing resources. By building collaborating laboratories, they can further optimize resource allocation, increase use ratio of facilities, lower R&D and testing costs and improve the overall strength of the whole industry.