Goldwind Offshore Training Center Was Granted Certification both Domestically and Globally

On December 17, 2018, Goldwind Offshore Training Center was certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LR) and passed the evaluation of Global Wind Organisation (GWO) sea survival module. This is another important accreditation the training center has obtained after the CGC’s certification based on GWO standard. It makes Goldwind the only training platform in China certified both domestically and globally by the GWO sea survival module. 

The GWO evaluation involves overall quality system documents and sea survival practice. The former mainly looked at the management system, material resources, human resources, training-relevant forms, documents and records. The latter was attended by personnel of Offshore Customer Service Center, Offshore Design and Research Institute and Verification and Testing Technology Department who finished all the courses.

“This is a training team equipped with high standard system documents, efficient human and material resources and great confidence,” highly appraised by GWO auditor Sitkowski Leszek in his report.

To improve the safety skills and reduce risks of offshore personnel, since 2017 Goldwind Offshore Training Center has been following the latest standard documents of GWO and focusing on the actual demand of offshore safety training, to prepare for the GWO sea survival certification.

Goldwind Offshore Training Center boasts advanced facilities. The 5-meter-deep training pool, clean water, constant water temperature and comfortable indoor temperature offer pleasant training experience. In addition, it enjoys diverse training resources, a team of experienced instructors from around the world, complete quality management system, course structure and online course platform, which provide a solid support for Goldwind sea survival training.