Goldwind Was Awarded Enterprise of International Clean Energy

On December 11, 2018, the 7th International Forum on Clean Energy (IFCE) was held in Macau, China. Goldwind, with its extraordinary achievement in wind power and significant contribution to the development of clean energy, was awarded the Enterprise of the Year 2018 of International Clean Energy, the only company receiving the prestigious honor this year.

Ma Jinru, Vice President and Board Secretary of Goldwind, received the award on behalf of the company

IFCE (Macao) is an international nonprofit organization established by experts and scholars from China, Brazil, Russia, Angola, Portugal, South Korea, Malaysia, India and other regions, having extensive influence in the Asia Pacific. The IFCE award is presented to the enterprise of the year of global clean energy sector in recognition of its outstanding contribution, responsibility, driving force, influence and leadership to promote the craftsmanship and practice of the industry leader.

“The year of 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Goldwind. At this special moment, we are honored to receive this award,” said Ma Jinru. “It is a recognition of the organizers and industry to Goldwind’s sustainable exploration in wind power and green energy, and also a great encouragement for us. Goldwind will continue to uphold its commitment to promoting clean energy worldwide and providing more clean, affordable and reliable renewables to people around the world.”