Goldwind Attends WWEC 2018 and Supports Pakistan’s Energy Transformation

On November 28 - 30, 2018, the 17th World Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition (WWEC) was held by the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) in Karachi, Pakistan. Goldwind along with other world-leading wind turbine manufacturers and participants attended the event, exchanging ideas about wind power and the future of renewable energy.

WWEA has been committed to promoting wind power globally, especially in emerging markets. Pakistan, one of the top emerging markets for wind energy, has around 1.2GW of installed capacity, with more projects to be rolled out. The conference this year provides a platform for dialogue among government, investors, suppliers, consulting firms and financial institutions, which will boost the development of wind power industry in Pakistan.

Pakistan is short of fossil fuels, but has good wind resources. At present, wind energy has become its most competitive power supply. In addition, Pakistan will pay more attention to the reliability of wind energy, powering the country with green, economic and reliable alternatives.

At the WWEC 2018, Wu Gang, Chairman of Goldwind, had in-depth communication with developers, partners and consultants. He introduced the localization strategy of Goldwind and expressed the company’s determination to support Pakistan’s wind power industry.

Goldwind has been developing business in Pakistan for many years. After sustained efforts, remarkable progress has been made in wind resource assessment, technology support, customized product solution, business planning, marketing, branding and service system building.

There have been enormous challenges in the process of developing wind power in Pakistan. 45℃ high temperature, dusty winds in desert areas, 5,000 nautical miles of sea transportation, rough roads from the port to wind farm, etc., are only part of the many obstacles that Goldwind has experienced.

However, with persistent efforts over the years, Goldwind has completed five projects in Pakistan, with the total capacity reaching 400MW, exceeding 1/3 of Pakistan’s installed wind power capacity. The wind power generation helps mitigate the power supply shortage in local areas.

Goldwind, as a major turbine supplier in Pakistan, not only aims to provide excellent products and service, but also to foster the long-term development of wind power in Pakistan. During the conference, Wu Gang talked with professors at University of Karachi about the wind energy courses and interaction between Goldwind and the University. Wu hoped that the collaboration among companies, academia and R&D institutions would make more contributions to the wind power industry and local community. Goldwind is willing to share its experience to promote the wind power education in Pakistan.