Goldwind has been Selected by Three Major SRI Indexes

On November 20, 2018, Goldwind was included in 2018 SGCX ESG50 Index, which is the third socially responsible investing (SRI) index we have joined this year, since joining the MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes and Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index (HSSUSB) in May and September respectively.

As a leading company in wind industry, Goldwind has been firmly advocating sustainable business practices, and adhering to the business roadmap of serving the society and the environment. Through wind turbine R&D and manufacturing as well as clean energy development, we provide an endless stream of green energy to the society and help address energy and environmental issues. Also, as a responsible global corporate citizen, we have organized many effective activities in corporate governance, fair operating practices, environmental protection, and community involvement and development, which are well recognized and supported by relevant parties.

As the capital market gradually pays more attention to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance, Goldwind discloses information on CSR issues through the annual sustainability report to better respond to the concerns and demands of investors. In addition, we actively respond to the ratings from social responsibility indexes, and fully display our management capabilities and performance in sustainable development.

In 2018, Goldwind (2208.HK) was included in the MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes, developed by MSCI in the United States. It is one of the world’s leading SRI indexes and is comprised of companies with outstanding environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

In this September, Goldwind was selected as a constituent of HSSUSB and Hang Seng (China A) Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index (HSCASUSB), the second time since September 2017, which is a recognition for our unremitting efforts and value creation capabilities in sustainable development.

The SGCX ESG50 Index is the first index based on ESG performance score of listed companies in China. The selected constituents are the 50 companies with the best ESG performance in the A-share market. The selection represents good momentum for sustainable development and long-term investment value. This is the second consecutive year that Goldwind has been selected by the index.