Goldwind holds financial products launch conference at CWP 2018

On October 17, 2018, Goldwind financial products launch conference & signing ceremony was held at China Wind Power 2018, showing its achievements in integrating the industry and finance.

↑Wang Haibo, President of Goldwind, Gao Jinshan, Vice President of Business Development, and Zhang Jing, Deputy General Manager of Finance SBU attended the event.

At the launch conference, Goldwind presented its innovation in combining the industry and finance: financial matchmaking, financial leasing, supply chain finance and Goldwind Finance, as well as the positioning and layout of Finance SBU in the future. In addition, Goldwind signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Huadian Financial Leasing and Ruiyuan Financial Leasing (established by Three Gorges Capital Holdings), and a 98 MW wind farm leasing contract with Runhong in Shenchi, Shanxi Province.

Financial matchmaking service: provide investors with a complete financial solution that features equity plus debt of wind farm construction

The financial matchmaking is Goldwind’s exploration in financial service for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in wind power sector. By working with banks, trust, leasing and other financial institutions, Goldwind aims to provide downstream private companies with a comprehensive financial solution that covers wind turbine, EPC, operation and maintenance and financing.

Financial leasing: provide customized service for the whole supply chain

Goldwind’s financial leasing company, with the expertise in wind power industry, offers customized financing service to SMEs in wind farm development and construction to help them overcome financial difficulties. The service covers financial leasing of wind farm, including wind turbine, tower, blade, electrical control, line, foundation, substation, communication device and O&M building; for OEM of renewable energy; for companies in water treatment, energy conservation, environmental protection and in solar PV, biomass and other clean energy power generation.

Supply chain finance: focus on supply chain credit and build a trustworthy financial information service platform for supply chain

Beijing Tianxinhui Information Service is established by Goldwind and committed to financial information service for wind power supply chain. Its business includes order/warehouse entry financing, accounts receivable financing, internet bank factoring and other financing solutions for suppliers.

In addition, Goldwind’s commercial factoring company aims at upstream enterprises of wind turbine production and construction suppliers. It helps them expand financing channels, accelerate capital turnover and reduce financial cost, addressing financing challenges faced by Tier 1 to Tier 3 suppliers and other SMEs.

Goldwind Finance: optimize resource allocation and provide diverse financial service

Goldwind Finance has received an investment of 3 billion RMB from Goldwind and its subsidiaries and is approved by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. It’s a non-bank financial institution, responsible for financial management of Goldwind and subsidiary companies. The finance company has already started operation, it can reduce the transit time of funds and increase the efficiency of capital use. Furthermore, it coordinates financial resources, and improves resource allocation and central management of funds, which maximizes the value and supports the Group’s strategy. Goldwind Finance provides customers with convenient service with its business covering loans, guarantee and discounted note for subsidiaries and entrusted loans among subsidiaries, benefiting both wind turbine business and financial service.