Goldwind issues company standard of green supply chain

On October 18, 2018, Goldwind released the Green Suppliers Evaluation Standard (Company Standard) at China Wind Power 2018, and announced to start developing the industry standard of assessing the green supply chain of wind power equipment manufacturing industry.

The conference was attended by Cao Zhigang, Goldwind Director & Executive Vice President, Liu Rixin, Vice President, Zhai Endi, Chief Engineer, Xu Yinping, member of Executive Committee of Wind Power Business Group, Xu Lei, General Manager of Product Delivery Center, and Qin Haiyan, General Director of China General Certification Center.

To set up the industry standards is critical to improve the green manufacturing system of wind power sector, build a green supply chain for the whole industry, and support its sustainable development.

The green supply chain, driven by the key enterprises, reduces the carbon footprint and promotes sustainable development of all companies in the supply chain. To be specific, the key enterprises provide customized products and service to the upstream and downstream, and in this process, become industry-empowering companies. Goldwind is committed to providing an integrated solution of clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection worldwide, promoting green supply chain for the sustainable development of wind power and empowering the industry.