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Goldwind and UL Renewables Sign a Partnership Memorandum of Understanding

Goldwind and UL Renewables (“UL”) entered into a partnership memorandum of understanding in Beijing on July 12, 2018. According to the MoU, Goldwind and UL would give full play to their strengths and collaborate in pooling their resources to address the challenges created by industrial transformation.

Wu Kai, Executive Vice President of Goldwind, Pan Weiping and Yu Liping, Deputy General Managers of the Research & Development Center of Goldwind, Michael Brower, President of UL, and Chakradhar Byreddy, Director of UL Asia Pacific, attended the two-day meeting and discussed several important issues on the agenda. In the two-day closed-door meeting, the participating delegates had effective communication with several departments of Goldwind on wind turbine type test, research & development test, offshore wind turbine design verification, type certification, technology certification, safety technology in international market, overseas market grid, due diligence, capacity evaluation, wind resources, asset management and wind turbine lifetime extension, and created a road map for the further journey.

Wu Kai, Executive Vice President of Goldwind, highlighted the development of Goldwind, as a world leading developer and manufacturer of wind power equipment, in wind turbine manufacturing, wind farm development and service. He further offered his support and endorsement for the parties’ cooperation in offshore and overseas wind power projects. Pan Weiping, Deputy General Manager of the Research & Development Center of Goldwind, introduced Goldwind’s technological innovation in research & development, production, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of wind power units. He also mentioned Goldwind’s role and achievements in investment, development, engineering construction, operation & management of wind farms and improvement in their equipment reliability, as well as Goldwind’s innovative business model such as financial leasing, for the purpose of delivering more value for customers by continuously improving integrated wind power solutions.

At the signing in ceremony, Michael Brower, President of UL said that, “ As a world-famous third party service and testing organization, UL has been at the forefront of the industry in providing the customers with customized solutions for over 130 years. Keeping this in mind, UL expects to enhance cooperation with a professional partner like Goldwind, and introduce world-leading technology and innovative service to Goldwind. It is hoped that with the signing of this strategic partnership agreement, the parties will foster a reciprocal relationship and work together to contribute to the sustainable and sound development of the wind power industry. ” 

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