Raising the “Voice of China” – Goldwind participates in preparation of IEC61400-15 standards

The 15th meeting of IEC61400-15 standards was held in Bremen, Germany from June 25 to 28th this year. More than 30 representatives from Goldwind, Vestas, GE, Enercon, SIMENSE Gamesa and other turbine suppliers, as well as American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), UL, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), WindGard and other companies and organizations attended the meeting to chalk out the schedules for releasing the international standards. Goldwind also contributed to the preparation of relevant contents.

Goldwind participated in the discussions of uncertainty assessment and turbine adaptability, where its representatives along with other members from around the world agreed to improve algorithms and regulations in these two aspects.

One team particularly focused on uncertainty assessment of vertical extrapolation in calculating energy yield. For data validation, the currently adopted uncertainty assessment model is generally suitable for calculating wind regime in simple terrains in Europe, but is less satisfactory when used for calculating those in complex mountain terrains in China. To address this problem, wind resource engineers from EOA, DTU and Goldwind agreed to further modify current model algorithms to achieve optimal applicability.

Meanwhile, Goldwind submitted an optimized algorithm for long-term correction of wind speed measurements. Compared with conventional algorithms, the optimized algorithm enables more accurate calculation of energy yield. The team will further test this algorithm and exchange ideas about testing results during the next meeting.

The team for turbine adaptability completed editing and internal checking of maximum wind speed, turbulence, wind shear, air density, temperature, etc. It also finalized the contents in "Appendix A – Wind parameters of turbine adaptability" and "Appendix B – Turbine adaptability report". The team members also discussed wind frequency simulation and uncertainty in wind parameters calculation-the unfinished task of the last meeting. According to the initial schedule, the uncertainty assessment of wind parameters will be added in the second version of the standards. The meeting also finalized the time schedule for gathering public opinions.

By July, 2018, 15 meetings have been held for preparations of IEC61400-15. Goldwind actively participated in the editing of the international standards and made significant contributions in terms of vertical wind speed extrapolation using turbulence, vertical extrapolations of wind speed in complex terrain, parameters definitions and algorithms of turbine adaptability, etc. It has introduced Chinese experience to these international standards and laid a foundation for its application in domestic market in the future.

Assessment of wind resource is gaining importance as a key factor in wind farm design, in the backdrop of achieving "parity between wind and coal power" by 2020. Goldwind will continuously play an active role in pushing forward academic exchanges and introducing advanced international experience. It is committed to demonstrate Chinese enterprises' strength and responsibility, and contributing to the healthy and sound development of China's wind power market.