Goldwind Helps Qinghai Province Run 9 Days with Only Clean Power

From June 20 to 28, China's Qinghai province experienced an unprecedented green revolution. All the power used during the 216 hours in the province was generated by clean energy from water, solar energy and wind. It was a practice of zero-emission power supply aimed at maximum consumption of power generated by new energy.

During the 9-day period, the Qinghai New Energy Big Data Innovation Platform played an important role in coordination between grid and power source. Based on the short and ultra-short term power forecast from new energy power generation and load sides, the State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company coordinated water, wind and light energy while tracking and responding to water and electricity quickly, prioritizing new energy generation and maximizing consumption. Six unmanned new energy stations provided clean power.

As China's first ultra-large new energy Big Data platform, the Qinghai New Energy Innovation Platform has been jointly built by the State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company, Goldwind, Innovation Center for Industrial Big Data, Tsinghua University and other strategic partners. As an important partner in the planning and construction of the platform, Goldwind led the building of basic energy IoT platform and provided support for high-level applications and services including integrated monitoring, power forecast, facility health and property management as well as smart analysis of business. As of now, the platform has been connected to 40 new energy stations with over 50 mainstream data analysis and computer learning algorithms in preset. It is estimated that over 60GB new data will be added every day.

Moreover, Goldwind also provides the Qinghai New Energy Big Data Innovation Platform's users with some key technologies and services, including integrated monitoring and control, integrated power forecast and smart facility health management. With the platform, labor costs at the new energy power station have come down by over 20%, warning model accuracy increased to 75%, power generation increased by 1%-5% and energy consumption decreased by 10%. The application services of the platform were lauded by power generation companies and the number of power stations connected to the platform keeps increasing every day. 

In fact, the 9-day all clean energy power supply is not the first trial. As early as June, 2017, Qinghai province set a world record by running entirely on renewable energy for 168 hours, i.e. 7 days. In Europe, Portugal once achieved 107 hours of clean power in 2016.