Cultural Activities

Goldwind on Container Day

Goldwind attended the 2nd Container Day in Beijing on June 28, 2018. Targeting corporate users of Rancher Kubernetes, the event shared and showcased Docker and Kubernetes application cases in finance, government, corporate sector and science industries in China. Some IT directors from China Life, Huawei,, Alibaba Cloud, ZStack, China ASEAN, New Oriental Education, Canonical (Ubuntu), Cloudminds and Goldwind gave 13 keynote speeches at the event. 

Zhang Li, data platform architect of Goldwind, gave a speech titled “The Best Practice of Container Technology in New Energy Power Forecast Product under Hybrid Cloud Scenario”. Zhang explained how container technology can be used in new energy industry and how power forecast product can be used quickly under hybrid cloud scenario. The container technology under hybrid cloud scenario speeds up product iteration and significantly improves maintenance efficiency, meeting grid demands for safety, reliability, accuracy and punctuality. In the meantime, forecast accuracy keeps increasing while maintenance costs are greatly reduced. For new energy power stations, shorter time and more accuracy means higher profits.

Container Day is an important container technology gathering organized by the famous Rancher Labs in Silicon Valley. It focuses on applications of container technology. At the event, leaders in cloud computing sector share technology developments in real situations, helping participants get an insight into the opportunities in the field of cloud Computing.

The development and spread of container technology and its widespread combination with new energy IoT, Big Data analysis, development of application and service, will lend new impetus to the progress of new energy digital technology.

About Rancher Labs

Rancher Las is a container management platform supplier in Silicon Valley. It was founded by Liang Sheng, Silicon Valley's cloud computing guru and the father of CloudStack. Rancher Labs is dedicated to developing innovative open-source software, helping enterprises accelerate software development cycle and improve IT operations related to container technology. Its flagship product, the Rancher, is an open source full stack enterprise-level container management platform. Rancher's main feature is easy to use. With exceptional infrastructure service management and strong container coordination capability, it allows users to conveniently manage the operation of containers in the field of infrastructure.. It may be the best choice for the realization of Docker and Kubernetes in production environment.

As the world's only wholly open source container management platform, Rancher has been downloaded 60 million times and achieved 10,000 deployments related to production. It has more than 100 governmental and corporate customers including Disney, IBM, Lego, United States Department of Agriculture, SONY, China Ping An Insurance and Hainan Airlines Group.