Goldwind Convenes IEC Working Group Meeting

Goldwind organized the IEC TC8/SC8B AHG2&JWG1 working group meeting in Beijing, China, from May 23 to 25, 2018. Over 50 experts from the microgrid sector from more than ten countries, including France, Germany, UK, Switzerland, and about 10 representatives of Chinese enterprises participated.

↑ AHG2 working group

↑ The JWG1 working group

The meeting discussed the 2nd committee draft (2CD) of IEC TS 62898-3-1 Technical Requirements for the Protection and Dynamic Control of Microgrids drafted by Goldwind. The requirements were brainstormed, including scope for improvement, proposed solutions and subsequent work plans, and adding of more application cases to support improvement. In addition, the ballots on IEC TS62898-2 Guidelines for Microgrid Operation were reviewed, and the proposed solutions and work plan for IEC TS 62898-3-3 Technical Requirements for the Dispatchable Loads of Microgrids discussed.

↑ Working group members involved in discussion.

During the meeting, the experts visited the Research, Development and Test Centre for Internet of Energy and Alternating Current & Direct Current Microgrids jointly established by China Electricity Council and Goldwind. Experts praised Goldwind for its technological breakthroughs and research outcomes in the technology for Internet of Energy and protection & control of microgrids. The company was recognized as a leading global player in this sector.

↑Delegates visiting the Internet of Energy and Alternating Current & Direct Current Microgrids

Goldwind has participated in the initiation of IEC international standards for a long time. Besides being a participant in the setting of two international standards — IEC TS62898-1 and IEC TS62898- 2, Goldwind took the lead in drafting the microgrid-related standard discussed at the meeting, which would fill the gap in the international standardization for microgrids and help in systematization of the planning, operation, protection and control of microgrids. The meeting showed that China's microgrid research outcomes have received global recognition and attention, and the country has grown from a follower to a leader in the sector once dominated by European and American nations. China has also gained a greater say in power generation with New Energy, thereby contributing to the greater success of Goldwind or even the country in microgrids worldwide.